{update} Malice in the Garden Chapter 16

OMG COULD IT BEEEEEE? I updated MALICE tonight. #aboutdamntime

This chapter was challenging for me. Collecting all my ideas in a way that made sense for the readers proved to be quite a challenge. I wrote it, decided it would never work and mulled over a way to change all the things, and in the end finally decided that I didn’t want to change anything and that my original idea was worth giving a shot. I refined a few things, but I think it turned out great. I hope you like it. Please leave a review and let me know what you think. :)


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I should know better. I should know better, I should know better. Never ever talk about how great writing is going because it’s like throwing up a big ol’ road block. The last month has been crazy. So the whole finishing MALICE and ADORE thing in July… well, it’s safe to say that I’m probably not going to make the deadline at this point.

So thanks for the concern and the well wishes, but really everything’s fine. Summer is busy for me work-wise, pair that with weekends away and a giant home improvement project and it’s a recipe for disaster.

But I promise… no wait that’s a bad idea. I won’t make any promises about how soon I’ll have the next chapter of MALICE posted. *wink wink*

Until then, enjoy this song, which I have been doing obsessively and nonstop as I write in my head, since clearly I haven’t been actually writing: